Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Papercuts @ Emily Davis Gallery

Papercuts VI
Last night I attended and shot the Opening Reception of 'Papercuts' at the Emily Davis Gallery on the University of Akron Campus. It was a challenging shoot - a lot of white on white. I brought my strobes with me but ended up mostly shooting long exposures of the artwork. The lighting on the pieces was pretty good so I didn't see a reason to try and mess with it too much. I always enjoy trying to bring something out of a show that should definitely be seen in person(go see it!). The show was really cool - some of the tiny hand cuts were amazing - its hard to fathom the patience it most take to create works like this.
This is just a small sampling of the work....
Papercuts III
Viewing - I left my paper with all the works/artists names at the show - I'll update this later. Papercuts IV Paercuts V
This piece was super cool - I captured it a few different ways. I had to shoot some close-ups too to show all the detail in the tornado.
Papercuts II
Viewing II
Papercuts 1
This piece was amazing - so many beautiful, intricate cuts. It needs to be seen and studied in person. Ted
Ted Mallison - Gallery Director

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