Sunday, October 20, 2013

Goodyear Heights at Midday

Alder Pond
The middle of the day is the worst time to take landscape photos - but today at Goodyear Heights Metro Park I snapped a few anyways. The sky was the pretty fall blue with puffy white clouds and the trees were beautiful. Laura and I are continuing on our mission to complete the hikes in the Fall Hiking Spree(you only need 8 to complete it but we want to do all of them). There were a lot of people out on a perfect Fall day - everyone is starting to get the fear that it could be the last nice weekend, I believe. Plus it is peak time for Autumn foliage. 
Hopefully the forecast is wrong for this week and we get a few more chances to get out and enjoy the colors...
Goodyear Heights Metro Park
The Path
Green Slime

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