Monday, October 14, 2013

Furnace Run Redux

Laura and I
The above photo is a remake of a photo that is hanging in a museum in London that I took a few years ago - really. The other version won a contest by a museum about couples called 'Coupling Up' I recieved a book with the photo in it and a spot in the museums permanent collection. When Laura and I went for a hike today we decided to take a photo from the same bench. We also stopped at Country Maid to get some apples - but Laura convinced me to get some of their amazing ice cream too. Their ice cream and atmosphere can't be beat(and helps make up for the abysmal customer service!).
Leaves and Light #9
I set the camera on the ground to capture this 'Light and Leaves' shot. Country Maid
'Folk Art(?!) at Country Maid...

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