Saturday, October 12, 2013

Light in Autumn

Light in Autumn
I know - more colorful, digital, fall photos during the magic hour(evening this time) - trust me - I'm ready to get out and shoot some gritty black and white photos on Tri-X....and I will soon. I just have about 7 years of pent-up vibrance, clarity and saturation that I'm dying to use on the fall foliage. My work schedule is finally allowing it and I'm taking full advantage. These were all taken last night at the Bath Nature Preserve - the light was beautiful - I hiked until the sun dropped below the trees...
You may have noticed I love this kind of photo - they look really awesome printed on metallic paper - I have one on the wall in the living room. Pond
I took about 10 photos of this pond - I almost had to choose this one at random, if you take my meaning. Hike #2
The Bath Nature Preserve has a few of these winding paths - and they all looked amazing in this light - I could do a book...
Running - for you Instagram fans... Tree Antlers
This tree reminded me of deer antlers - so I named it 'Tree Antlers' - a real creative type I am - you can't be mad at that!

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