Friday, October 25, 2013

Porch Rokr

Missile Toe 2
These are some shots from the 'Porch Rokr' part of 'Art in the Square'. Porch Rokr is a Highland Square festival where bands play on various neighborhood porches all day long. It was pretty fun to walk around listening to music all day and to see the diverse crowd wandering around Highland Square - everything from punks to parents.  These are from the same roll of Tri-X as yesterday's pot - when I developed it I thought "oh yeah, I shot some film at Porch Rokr".  
Chimney Swift and the Echoes
Chimney Swift and the Echoes Chimney Swift and the Echoes @ Porch Rokr
Chimney Swift II
Porch Rokr
Wide Angle - there were actually quite a few people watching this band - but they were all standing really far away for some reason.
Missile Toe
Missile Toe - they do cover songs - if you've never seen them do their Christmas show you should really make an effort.
Our-Of-Focus - I like it anyway.

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