Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Shutdown

Closed Parks
Thanks the Republican Party's inability to tame the crazies on their right flank the Federal government is partially shutdown. Here in Northeast Ohio this means that the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is "closed". Being a sprawling 33,000 acre park between Cleveland and Akron, though, this is hard to do. This morning I went and surveyed some of my favorite spots to see how effective the closure is. Places like Virginia Kendall and many of the Towpath parking lots do have gates that were locked - but parking in pull-offs or at nearby private lots was an option. I ended up parking in Peninsula and walking to the Towpath. I can't be stopped - I need my fall photos!
Shut Down
This sign was on a post leading to the Towpath - I walked passed it. Fall Greens and Yellows
Fall Green and Yellow
The Towpath in Fall Color
Color Along the Towpath - those slimy, House Republicans can't stop photography! Maple Leaves in Orange
Maple Leaves - I shot these on the side of the road after driving by Kendall Maple Leaves Maple Leaves Part II - shot along side of the road again because I couldn't park here - you can be mad at that!

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