Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grain and Blur

Straw Man
I've been running a roll of 12 year old Kodak Max 400 through my Soviet made(in Belarus)Zenit ET for a while now. I picked the camera up at a flea market in Rome which after my initial "Ciao, Quanto costa?" the negotiations mostly took place with hand gestures. Anyways I think I paid about 20 bucks for it. I could tell that the light meter was wildly inaccurate(I Sunny 16'd it) and it wasn't the easiest camera to focus(no split-prism screen) - that topped with the old film made for some rough images ...grainy and blurry. There were a few however that had a certain "feeling" or "vibe" that I felt shined through the technological disadvantages. I shoot old cameras and expired film to achieve a different look - I definitely succeeded in that this time...
Laura Focus
Blurry Laura
Light in Woods
Light in Woods
Tall Grass and Blue Skies
Brown Grass and Low Tides Nature Lomo
Grain and Sky

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