Friday, August 23, 2013

Arista Around Part I

As I've said - lately for some reason I've been shooting a lot of digital - but I almost always still have my trusty Minolta X-700 with me loaded with Arista Premium 400(Kodak Tri-X). I finally finished a roll that is pretty well traveled. The roll started at Laura's company picnic(horseshoe game above) and ended on a hike in the Valley. It turned out to be one of those rolls where I forgot what was all going to be on it until I pulled it off the development reel.
Cornhole Tournament
Cornhole Tournament
Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market at Howe Meadow Indigo and Laura
Laura in a field near Indigo Lake Breakfast Burrito
Delicious breakfast burrito Annie and Parents
Annie and Steve's Wedding - yes - I even brought the Minolta along for this shoot. Flower Girls
Flower Girls
Annie and Steve
Annie and Steve's Wedding
I'll have a few more of these posted in tomorrow's blog.

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