Monday, August 5, 2013

The Ledges in Morning

Fog Hangs Over the River
I posted last week about attempting to visit the Ledges in the morning. Today I tried my luck again - the Lake and Ledges lots were locked but I was able to park at the Octagon and hike to the Ledges. I believe this lot was only open because a park employee was cleaning the shelter. I need to find out what the deal with all of this is. Anyways - I managed to get a few decent shots. The above is my favorite - not because its one of my greatest - but just because I love the way the fog is hanging over the valley(look closely - or click to see it larger). Being that I haven't been able to photograph hikes in the middle of the Summer for years I tend to forget that hiking in the woods isn't always the best - the magic hour sun is mostly blocked by the trees. There needs to be some kind of open space to really take advantage of a low-in-the-sky sun. Also I need to carry my tri-pod more - standard advice for taking landscapes - I just hate to take the time to set it up even though I know I could get better shots with it.
Moss Grows Fat
Moss Grows Fat
First Selfy in a While
Your Handsome Host
Long Shadow Number Nine
I tend to cast a long shadow ;)

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