Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turnpike Bridge Sunrise

Sunrise XVIII
I've photographed along the Towpath underneath the Turnpike Bridge at various times over the years - but today I believe I did my best work. I hiked out to the bridge just as the sun was rising over the horizon and the last bit of fog was burning off. I had the big 6x9 Fuji with me and a Lubitel II - I was planning on only shooting film(color in the Fuji, B&W in the Lubitel) but the light was so perfect it became a digital morning. As much as I love film there I certain times when I can perfectly pre-visualize the shot and its post-processing and my 7D is the only camera that will do - this morning was one of those times. It has taken me years and thousands of snaps to get my landscapes to this point - I'm proud of this set of photos and not afraid to say it.
I like the "hint" of bridge in this shot. The Sun Also Rises
This is my favorite shot - I like everything about it. I used the new perspective correction tool in Camera Raw -I used to really like wide-angle distortion, now in architectural shots I try to get rid of it as much as possible.
Valley & Bridge Study #7
The Wide View
Towpath Morning
The Towpath

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I'm proud to say I'm proud of you!!