Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kendall Evening

Weed House
On this cool evening I decided to go for a hike at Virginia Kendall - I hiked the Cross Country Trail(a longtime favorite that I had not been on in a few years). On one part of the trail I noticed a structure a few hundred yards away that I had never seen before - then I thought its not that I never noticed it - it was never there. I started approaching what kind of looked to be a barn but turned out to be a green house. On my way to the green house I also realized that the weed covered field had been cultivated sometime in the last few years. It all seemed very strange - someone started farming and quit farming this area all in the time since I had been here last. I need to look into this more!
Black Eyed Susans
Big group of Black Eyed Susans Wild Flowers
Some wildflowers/weeds More Summer
It may be chilly but....

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