Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding Shoot

Group Shot
On Saturday night I did a wedding shoot for a couple that I have known for a while. They already had an "official" wedding photographer but wanted to set up a kind of photo booth/prom photo thing. I used a couple of lights and a background that the bride had made herself. After dinner I began shooting couples, families, and groups of friends. As the night went on and the drinks poured more freely the photos only got better. Judging by Facebook these photos are far more memorable and popular than than the "actual" wedding photos.
As a side note - the wedding photographer checked out on, what I consider, the early side - being that my "booth" had died down and the couple and guests were mostly friends of mine I took it upon myself to document the rest of the scene myself.
Wedding Fun
This was actually a candid - they were having a playful argument and I snapped. Annie and Steve
The bride and groom.
Mina, Me, and Benny
Snuck myself into one with a couple of friends - Benny and Mina. Photo-Bomb
 Dave photo-bombing my nice couple shot - an making it better! De-Shirting
The wedding photographer left - the party got going - I captured it. Dancing
Gabe and Tree
Better than a set-up shot, no?

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