Friday, August 9, 2013

Black and White Summer

Cuyahoga Mouth
I've really been enjoying capturing this Summer in black and white on film. These shots were taken on my second roll of Kentmere 400 - which came out pretty good. For being a true 'budget' black and white film and not just a privat-label knock off of something else I really like this it. Its awesome that Iflord seems so committed to staying in the black and white analogue business. I'm also excited to say that Laura bought me a whole bunch of Arista Premium 400(Tri-X) for my birthday - so I'm stocked on b&w film for a good while!
Fair Food
"Fair Food"
5 Minute Break
5 Minute Break - at Monroe Falls Monroe Falls
Monroe Fall Afternoon
Jack and the Bear
Jack and the Bear at the Burning Rivefest Laura
Laura on Whiskey Island

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