Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alchemist's Ball

Alchemist's Ball
Land of Plenty is a newish store in West Hill specializing in art and unique second-hand items(antiqueish) but without charging through-the-roof-prices(looking at you Stagecoach and The Bomb Shelter). On Friday they put on a bonfire/show featuring Steve Clements, Gabe Schray, and Kieth Freund playing music on the back porch of West Hill Hardware. I thought it seemed like something that couldn't be done - outdoor fire and drinking - but it was actually a nice evening that went fine. I found places to set my camera down and experimented with some long exposures among other things. 
If you haven't been to Land of Plenty yet I would definitely recommend checking it out - and if you haven't been to West Hill Hardware you probably don't live in Akron....
David Giffels and Gabriel popping-a-squat. Steve, Keith and Gabe
Thirty second exposure of "the band". The colors are pretty cool, eh? Steve, Keith and Gabe II
Steve, Keith and Gabe
Land of Plenty
Food table & fire.

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