Saturday, August 24, 2013

Arista Around Part II

YMCA Building in Morning Light
The second part of yesterday's roll....  I didn't post about half of this roll of film for the simple reason that I wasn't happy with the results. Not because I just plain failed, but because I was mostly focusing on color I was using my Minolta with this film to try to capture things that I though would work better in black and white. The ones I'm posting today and yesterday I found to be successes - while the other remain in the sleeves of my binder.
Evans #2
This photo and the photo I posted at the top of the blog I thought were great morning shots - really good light on parts of the Akron skyline. Curves 43
An abstract-type image on the Towpath near Downtown. Light Study
Light and Canal Park - just one of those shots that seem to "work" for some reason. Trees on Tri-X
I took a few shots like this on this particular hike - but only this one worked out(in my humble opinion).

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