Thursday, April 30, 2015

On a Field of Blue

Virginia Bluebells
From Wikipedia:
"Mertensia virginica (common names Virginia bluebell, Virginia cowslip, lungwort oysterleaf, Roanoke bells) is a spring ephemeral plant with bell-shaped sky-blue flowers, native to eastern North America.....The word ephemeral means transitory or quickly fading. In regard to plants, it refers to several distinct growth strategies. The first, spring ephemeral, refers to perennial plants that emerge quickly in the spring and die back to their underground parts after a short growth and reproduction phase."
...and they sure are beautiful growing all along Furnace Run in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Virginia Bluebells
Annual shooting of the bluebells.
Virginia Bluebells
I love the term "ephemeral spring plant".
Virginia Bluebells
"Tower of Bells"
Virginia Bluebells
"Bluebells and Fallen Trees"
Virginia Bluebells
"All the Bells"
On my way home I stopped at the so called Beaver Pond.
Bike Day
Just got my old mountain bike fixed up - I plan to shoot and ride as much as possible in the coming months.

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