Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Babb Run Walk

I had't been to Babb Run Bird Sanctuary for a few years - part of the reason being it has been closed to traffic since the big flood last May. Yesterday I decided to walk down into there. Babb Run is across the Cuyahoga River from Cascade Valley Metro Park. As you can see from the above and below photos the park is closed for a good reason. This is the second time in the park's history flooding has closed it - there was a major rebuild in 1982 to reopen it. My online research hasn't turned up any info on whether Cuyahoga Falls plans to reopen the park this time.

Bumpy Road
"Rough Road"
This deer had no fear. It is really as close as it looks - I shot this with a 35mm lens. You can see his more skittish buddies down in the creek.
I didn't get around to my annual "Signs of Life" post this year welcoming the crocuses and first hint of some greening -this wilting crocus will have to do.
Spring Flowers
I'm not sure what these white flowers are called - but they are always a welcome sign of warming weather.
The Overlook From Below
Looking up at the deck of the Cascade Overlook.
Where Babb Run Meets the Cuyahoga
This is where Babb Run meets the Cuyahoga River.
Troll House
This is an unusual thing to come across in a hallowed out tree stump.


Mark said...

Nice pics. I love Babb run but have never seen the little statues. Where were they at?

Tim Fitzwater said...

Someone put them in that dead tree - no idea if they are still there or not.