Monday, April 6, 2015

Cleveland Day

Cleveland Museum of Art
On Friday I was supposed to pick my parents up from Cleveland Hopkins Airport so I decided to make a day out of the trip to Cleveland. I started the afternoon out at The Cleveland Museum of Art - I wanted to see their latest photo exhibition, "Constructed Identities". There were a few Henri Cartier-Bresson prints of RFK and Warhol Polaroids of Mick Jagger that I though were pretty cool - most of the rest of the stuff wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. No worries - I always have a good time wandering through all the other cool stuff up there.

East 55th Street Marina
I started to head towards Downtown with the intention of finding somewhere to roam and take some photos - I pulled off 2 at the East 55th Street Marina. I had never been here before - it made for a nice walk and some decent pictures.
Lakefront Property
"Cleveland Lakefront"
Abstract Break
"Abstract Break"
The Lakefront
After this long, hard Winter it was so nice to just stroll along the Lake.
Next I headed over to Portside Distillery(which is also a craft brewery) on the edge of the Flats. I've had some of the beers from the store and at bars but had wanted to get to their tasting room for a while.
Strong Beers
"Dark Flight"
I would have liked to try every beer they had on tap here - but I had to pace myself. The above flight consisted of their stronger beers. Everyone was very, very good. Portside has a great variety overall - from barrel aged, to smoked and sours, lighter offerings and multiple IPAs.
Pop Smoke
"Pop Smoke Rauchbier"
This is their cherry wood smoked beer(I'd guess an ale). So good - BBQ in a cup. Smoked beers are one of my favorite styles right now - I always try them when I get the chance.
Beer Menu
"Beer Menu"
They have a limited menu right now - I had a delicious pretzel with beer cheese. I believe they have plans to add a full scale restaurant at some point.
Porstside also had flights of their rum and cocktails - I'll have to try them next time.
"Sky Outside Portside"
Buckeye Brewing
I decided to make my way closer to the airport. I stopped at Buckeye Brewing's Tapstack - which is their tasting room. It is a simple, beer only taproom on the other side of a large complex from their brewery.
Black IPA
While enjoying this awesome black IPA my Dad called and told me their flight was cancelled. I finished my beer and was on my way back to Akron - at least I didn't drive all the way to Cleveland for nothing!

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