Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Beer, New Spot

Last night I rode my bike to the Cashmere Cricket in downtown Cuyahoga Falls to try out Homestead Beer Company's offerings. Homestead just moved into the market(they are located in Heath, OH) and one of the owners and the distributor were at the bar drinking and talking beer. I had never been to the Cashmere Cricket, which turned out to be a cool spot. Two bars and two patios - my kind of place - and I knew the bartender from his days at Hoppin Frog(great guy).

TenPenny Amber
"Tenpenny Amber Ale"
This was a really nice balanced, unfiltered amber - more hoppy than your typical amber.
Beer in Light
"Beers in Light"
I also had an IPA and a farmhouse ale - both very solid. Homestead's philosophy is to make old school beers instead of over-the-top "imperials" and "doubles" etc. Not a bad move in today's market - something different. I'll definitely drink their beer again - and I also got a cool free t-shirt out of the night(or free "swag" as the kids say).

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