Monday, April 20, 2015

Down South

On Friday morning I had a photo shoot down in Canton. After the shoot I decided to hang around town for a bit and take some photos. I find Canton to be visually pretty interesting because so many of their old building in the commercial district remain - especially compared to Akron and Cleveland for its relative size. Also, and as I've written here before, I'm impressed with how much seems to be going on in Downtown Canton. Like many Rust Belt cities Canton has the problem of being a shrinking community and there is plenty of vacant buildings - but it seems Downtown had already bottomed out and is on the rebound. I would venture to guess that their are more good restaurants there than in Akron - and with the Arts in Stark Grants there are a bunch of galleries in the Art's District. I know your supposed to kick it on the next city down the line(Cleveland>Akron) but right now I'm a fan. I hope things continue in a positive direction.

Renkert Building
"Renkert Building"
Deli Ohio
"Deli Ohio" - I have not eaten here yet, but the reviews have been very positive.
Remember the Alamo
Remember the Alamo?
Downtown Canton
The kind of building that would have lined Akron's Howard Street downtown.
Rust Belt
"Rust Belt" Bakery
"Bakery No More"
Canton Brewing Speakeasy
After having lunch at George's Lounge I headed over to the newish Canton Brewing Company. They plan to open a restaurant eventually - but right now they have the "Speakeasy" open in the basement. As you can see its a huge space.
"Beer Flight" - the beers were great, and the bartenders friendly and knowledgeable. The brewer was there working too.
This was a dry-hopped spring saison - it was awesome.
Canton Brewing Company
I learned that the owner doesn't know about making beer - but is a big local history guy. He though it wasn't right that Canton didn't have its own brewery anymore - so he built this one and hired a brewer. Its definitely worth the stop - maybe I'll see you there next First Friday.

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Adam said...

great shots and yes all kinds of stuff is happening downtown Canton