Monday, April 13, 2015


Blue and Green
Here is a small collection of mostly unrelated photos from my weekend. I was loving the nice weather. The shot above is from a hike I took near Peninsula.

Mom's Bday
On Sunday night we celebrated my Mom's Birthday. This is her with the grandchildren.
Christ in the Answer
A boarded up church in North Hill.
I love hand painted windows.
The Gorge
Looking into the Gorge from the High Level Bridge. This is just kind of a reference shot. I want to take a comparison one when the trees are green.
I understand why they fenced the Y-Bridge - but it doesn't mean I like it.
Glenwood Jail
Looking at Glenwood Jail from the Y-Bridge.
"Classic Lights"
In the Gorge
Down in the Gorge - needless to say I did a lot of walking this weekend.

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