Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mustill Store

Mustill Store
Yesterday there was an event called "Block to Lock" - a group biked from Highland Square down to the Mustill Store, where there was food, music, volunteer canal clean-up, a fire and more. Unfortunately I was busy in the morning and couldn't make the whole event - but decided to bike down later in the day. I caught part of 'Acid Cats' set and explored the cool little museum about Akron's Canal days and the building's life as a grocery store. Cascade Locks Park has long been one of my favorite spots - even before the Towpath ran through and all the displays were added.

Block to Lock
"Acid Cats"
Acid Cats "Acid Cats 2"
Acid Cats 2 "Acid Cats 3"
This is on of the #InsideOutAkron pieces that the Akron Art Museum had installed in various spots around town. They are putting up reproductions of art that is in their collection. I know that there is a map that shows where all of them are - but I prefer to come across them when I'm out and about and be pleasantly surprised.
Mustill Store 2
"Mustill Porch"

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