Friday, May 1, 2015

Barberton Ride

Bike Ride My friend, Wes, and I met at the dog park on Memorial, rode the Towpath south, and then detoured into Barberton on Wednesday evening. We left around 5:45PM and it was absolutely gorgeous out. Riding along Summit Lake was a highlight. We were riding pretty hard but I still managed to get my camera out and snap a few photos - it was the kind of light where just about any photo looked good - even from a moving bike.

"Wes in South Akron"
Downtown Barberton with the trees in bloom. We took a break at a dive bar called Willie's, where we had a couple dollar beers before hitting the path again.
"Barberton Shadows"
Gone Country
On our way back through Downtown Akron a few of our friends were on the patio of 69 Taps. We stopped in there for a beer - and had one at "Gone Country". The sun went down which led to bombing through Cascade Locks in the dark - which might be the most fun I've ever had on a bike.

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