Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA

After visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial we drove into Pittsburgh to catch a Pirates game. We roamed around the area near PNC Park for a while, snapping photos, and having a few drinks before heading into the game. I've always enjoyed visiting this city - I wish we had a little more time here.

Bridge #2
The iconic yellow bridges.
Bridge #1
"Bridge Study #2"
Bridge #3
"Bridge Study #1"
Pitt Selfie
"Pittsburgh Selfie"
Zane Shooting
"Zane Shooting Grandpa"
"Mom, The Photographer"
Drinks on the Streets
Why did it take cities so long to figure out people want to hang out outside, in their downtowns? Have a few drinks - listen to some music - genius!
Pitt Party
Stop the cars - open the streets - food and drink.
PNC Park
Its hard to imagine there is a stadium with a better city view than this one.
PNC at Night
"PNC at Night"
River Crossing
"City at Night"

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