Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Springfield Bog

Lighted Path This afternoon I went for a hike at the Springfield Bog and although the park opened in 2011 this was my first time there. The park is an old farm field that has a couple of bogs and is being returned to prairie land - the trail is basically a large loop around the field. I know this doesn't sound too exciting but being there with all the fall color I found it quite beautiful. The sun was dodging in and out from behind the clouds which could really make for some cool lighting on the fall foliage. A few different times I found myself standing in the same place for a while just waiting for the light to hit. The hike improved all the more when the Goodyear Blimp(or "The Blimp" as we say in Akron) flew overhead. After my hike I drove through the surrounding countryside and the colors were beyond spectacular.

Dried Prairie Grass "Dried Grasses" - make this your desktop wallpaper.
Half Tree
"Half Tree" - that great light I was speaking so fondly about.
Dead Weeds I kind of want to see this place in all different times of year. Wooded Unlike most of the Metro Parks there are almost no woods here - except for this little stretch.
Tree on Clouds Study
"Tree On Clouds II"
Close Color
"Close Color" Path to Color "Path to Color" THAT Tree "THAT Tree" - I don't know how this translates on a small screen - but I think its really awesome on my big monitor. Blimp Over Bog "Blimp Over Bog" Fall I knew I was going to make this a black and white before I took it. Fall 2 I could do a whole series on Queen Anne's Lace - or is this the one that looks like Queen Anne's Lace? Either way. Barn and Leaves I mean, I might as well sell my camera if I'm not going to take this photograph. Wingfoot One "Wingfoot One Returns" - this was later during my drive.

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