Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frosty Big Bend

Golden Hour on the Towpath Sunday morning I had run my first road race in years and when I woke up on Monday I was extremely sore. I figured I'd head down to my usual spot, Big Bend, and walk for a while on the Towpath to try and stretch out. Of course I brought my camera and I'm glad I did. I've shot at Big Bend tons of times now but one of the great things about Ohio is places almost never look the same way twice. This morning the sun was rising and burning through the fog and everything was gleaming and frost covered. I took photos from the same angles I had before but the different weather, season, and time of day made them look different. Sometimes it can be boring shooting the same things over again - times like this it is exciting.

Morning Sky "Sun Rising" Leaves in Light "Frosty Leaves" Grain III "Frosty Rail" Morning "Curves and Color" Sunrise on the Towpath "Light Around the Corner" Towpath Trail "Towpath To Fog" Cuyahoga Meets the Little Cuyahoga This is where the Cuyahoga River and Little Cuyahoga River come together...

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