Friday, October 10, 2014

Color Fog

Drying Today I developed 4 more rolls of color negative film. The last roll seemed to be a bit "fogged" which got me to thinking about if I'll ever do this again. I don't really save or lose money doing it, the lab I use costs almost the same, and there is no real creative advantage - you only hope to do it as well as the lab would(and you worry about being super meticulous with temperatures, timing, and chemical consistency). I guess I'm just not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze - I'm not that huge of a color film user to begin with(says the guy who just invested in a color film kickstarter) - the only benifit is the satisfaction of doing it myself. I guess if my lab goes out of business or I was doing a project that involved shooting a bunch of rolls in a brief period of time this would be worth it - anyways - I'm glad I tried it out and know how to do it.
Obviously I'll be posting lots of color film shots this next week....

While we're waiting for my analogue film to dry enjoy these digital shots from the other night, won't ya? Sky and Rocks "Furnace Run in the Sky" The Big Field "Big Sky Over The Big Field" Oats in Sun "Oats"
The cover crop planted by Szalay's Farm.

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