Monday, October 27, 2014

Family Carvings

Guts Tonight my parents had everyone over to eat dinner, carve pumpkins, and taste some beers they picked up on a recent trip. Laura and mine came out the best, of course, but don't tell everyone else.

Tanner Tanner emptying his pumpkin Ryen Ryen doing hers Clean Out "Guts" Me Your handsome host - Laura shot this. Eye Kari Carving Smiley Smile "Smiley Smile" - Laura Ryen "Ryen Drawing"
"Zane Working"
Jack-O-Lanterns II "Jack-O-Lanterns" Lighting "Lighting" Family and Pumpkins "Family" pumpk13 My awesome pumpkin in the foreground Jack-O-Lanterns "Glowing" The Kids "The Kids" - all looking in different directions Funny Faces "Funny Faces" Andrew "Andrew Amongst the Jack-O-Lanterns"

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