Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Akron Explorer

I went out to shoot a specific building for a job one evening last week in Downtown. I thought I was going to have the perfect light but when I arrived at the building I realized the light was on the side that had no facade. It was going to have to be a morning shot.  I've since invested in an app for my tablet that shows me exactly where the light will fall on a place at a given time and date - and I got my photo on Sunday morning aided by it. Anyways - not one to waste good light I pulled out my Minolta X-700 loaded with Foma Fomapan 100 and went walking and shooting.

Mayflower I follow a tumblr site called "New York Explorer" - which is always great shots of NYC from different angles. I figured I'm kind of the Akron Explorer. Akron Same Skyline, New Angle Arch "Arch" Skylines "In Sun and Shade" YMCA "Looking Up"
My personal favorite from the photo walk.
Canal Park
"Canal Park & Trees"

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