Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Full Flavor Velvia

John R. Buchtel
Last year I wrote a post about using 35mm Velvia 100 I called "Diet Velvia" - well, here is the full flavor version with all those sugary, sweet calories - 120mm Fuji Velvia 50. I shot this delicious film in the "Beast"(aka the Fuji GSW690III). I photographed at Glendale Cemetery and on South Main Street in Akron. The Fuji has no internal light meter so I used an old hand held meter I have - and got the exposures pretty darn good if I say so myself. I picked up the roll of film today at Akron Commercial Color Lab and when I placed it on the light box I realized I had never seen slides this big - the color and and clarity blew me away. I think my friend at the lab was surprised to see me fawning over the images so... 
I only had one problem which was that the roll didn't wind tight enough and allowed some light leaks - Lomographers and Instagramers probably don't mind this but its not what I was going for. I need to unload my next roll with this camera in the dark...
The Civil War Memorial Chapel
"The Civil War Memorial Chapel" at Glendale Cemetery - you really notice the distortion from the wide-angle lens in this shot.
Muffler in Yellow
This was the last shot on the roll and the light-leaks are very noticeable(you can even see the numbers from the backing paper) - Instagram The Hard Way Part II!! Bell Tower
The Bell Tower at Glendale - I love my framing of this shot - the bell tower through the trees. To bad about the leaks...
Glendale and Akron
Glendale and Akron
I only posted 7 of the 8 shots I took with the Fuji because the I shot the Bell Tower photo twice with two different exposures(or bracketed the shot as us photographers say). The one I posted was the better of the two.

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