Monday, July 15, 2013

Fujichrome Sensia Part 1

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I dug in to my fridge and pulled out another roll of expired slide film - Fujichrome Sensia 100. Before being discontinued Sensia was considered Fuji's consumer slide film - a slightly warm/for all situations film known for exceptional sharpness. Mine came out with some slight color casts do to it being well expired - not nearly as much as the expired Elite Chrome I just shot but fairly similar. They were both expired by the same amount of time but I have no idea how they were stored. Old professionals probably wouldn't like the "effects" or color shifts from expired slide film but I enjoy the randomness of the results. If perfect color rendition is the goal than the digital camera is the choice. I think its strange how people equate film as being more "real life" than digital - digital has made it possible to reproduce colors more accurately than any film ever could - just because some photographers push the saturation and sharpness through the roof with Photoshop doesn't mean it wasn't done with film too - check out my post on Velvia 50 - nothing "real" about that.
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