Saturday, July 6, 2013

Akron Ribfest

Eating Ribs
Ok, so its actually called "Rib, White and Blue" but I've never heard to it referred as anything but "the ribfest". I had been down to it in years and Laura had never been. We tried out ribs from three different vendors, had some beers at Baxter's and The Lockview, enjoyed some good people watching, and then checked out a U2 cover band at Lock 3. I've said it on the blog before....but its so great to see Downtown jumping. I also shot a whole roll of black and white through a camera I had never used before - those will be posted in a few days - here are some digital shots.
Lock 3
The Ribfest - from Lock 3 Laura
Laura watching 'Elevation' - the U2 cover band. Fake U2
'Elevation' - Fake U2

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