Saturday, July 27, 2013

Great Lakes Burning River Fest

Waiting to Get In
On Friday night Laura and I made out way to Whiskey Island in Cleveland to attend the Burning River Fest - the Burning River Fest is put on by Great Lakes Brewery and other sponsors to support the Burning River Foundation. There is music(three stages), exhibits, lots of food, Great Lakes Beer(including Christmas Ale), and amazing views and atmosphere. The evening's weather was absolutely perfect and we wandered around shooting photos, drinking beer and learning a little bit. When we first started roaming around we commented on how this isn't what most people would picture when they think of Cleveland - and that is a shame - because its a great event in a beautiful location and it IS Cleveland.
Old Coast Guard Station
The Old Coast Guard Station - there were two stages out here - a big one in front - and an acoustic stage out by the water.
Laura on a Hill
Eating on a Hill
Wood Fired!
We ate a delicious wood fired pizza from Whole Foods. Playing with Fire
"Playing With Fire"
  Burning River
These were pretty cool - they had a whole row of them burning in the river. Chill
A couple enjoying the evening. We had returned to this hill to eat Buffalo Meat Tacos. Wendy Park
Main area of the fest
Enjoying Pizza
Beer in Front of Cleveland
"Beer in Front of Cleveland"

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