Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sensia Part 2

Lonesome Lock Sign
Here is more of the roll of Fuji Sensia 100 that I wrote about yesterday. These shot were taken on a hike on the Towpath Trail from the Peninsula Trailhead and at a Farmer's Market in Howe Meadow. I wrote yesterday that Sensia was Fuji's consumer slide film that had been discontinued - today we received the unfortunate news that Fuji's Provia has been discontinued too - one of their "pro" slide films. They also announced the discontinuation of Neopan 400 - a great black and white film that I have shot about 4 rolls of recently. I still believe that film will be with us for a long while but it is a bummer to see the varieties shrinking so much - an understandable bummer though. The cost to make small volumes of film in factories designed for such huge scale production has to be going through the roof - I can see how it only makes sense for the remaining analog companies to cut back on the different varieties and focus on the core "sellers". The only thing that can be done to help film is to keep buying it!
The Lonesome Lock
The Lonesome Lock
Train Bridge - I know - me and my train track photos - its an obsession! Green Mean Go
Green Mean Go
Bridge and Water
Bridge Over River Study #7 We've Been Here Before
We've Been Here Before Just Woods
Young Woods
Riverside Grasses
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision
The Orange Truk
The Orange Truk - we had some delicious, expensive burritos from here. Potable
Laura and Burrito
Burrito at the Market

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