Monday, July 8, 2013

Miranda at the Ribfest

Akron Ribfest
Here are the promised analog photos from the Akron Ribfest. I shot these with a Miranda D and Kentmere 400 film. It was the first time I had used any of my Miranda's and I found focusing a bit tricky at first - the 'D' is the only SLR I've used so far without split image focusing. I managed to get most of the shots but I definitely missed a few I normally would not have. The Miranda has no internal light meter so I shot these either using the "Sunny 16 Rule" or an old hand-held meter. Most of the exposures were decent but some negatives looked slightly dense. I need to take the time to inspect them a little more to determine whether my exposure was off or my development time. They also didn't look quite as nice as the shots with my Minolta's because I don't have any red 25 filters that fit my Miranda lenses(red filters increase contrast and I almost always use them). I decided to use my Kentmere film primarily to test new cameras - not that there is anything wrong with it - its just the cheapest black and white film I can get my hands on so if something fails in the camera it is only a couple of bucks down the drain.
Great sign!
Funnel Cakes
Good old fashioned....
A drink on the Lockview Patio Downtown Akron
Downtown Akron - this is an example where I missed the focus - I wanted the focus on the 'A' in Akron. Plant Shadows
'Plant and Shadows' or 'The Magic Hour in Black and White' Lock 3
Ribfest From Lock 3
Omengang Witte
Ommegang - love 'em
Number 1 #1

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