Friday, July 26, 2013

Kendall Morning

Black-Eyed Susans
This morning I dragged myself out of bed nice and early to get some sunrise photos - I knew it was going to be a perfect day weather-wise. I drove down to the Ledges, wiping sleep from my eyes, and waiting for the coffee to kick in. I turned onto Truxell Road Road with an eye to the sky getting excited to hopefully catch some magic photos - there are lots of great sunrise-at-the-ledges photos out there but I wanted mine. When I pulled up to the access road to make the turn to the parking lot the gate was locked - "shoot," I thought "I'll just park at The Octagon and walk". The gate to the Octagon was locked. "Well, I still have time - I'll park at the Lake and walk farther". Lake gate locked. Now I was fairly upset - I ended up driving all of the way around and to the Sled-Ridding Hill on Quick Road. I was frustrated but still managed to get some good early morning photos - just not the ones I had set out to take.
Virginia Kendall
Kendall Bathrooms
Golden Hour
Golden Hour
Spider in Web Study #4
Morning Spider Study
Kendall Lake Morning
Goose on Lake

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