Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diet Velvia

Oliver and Mums
I bought a roll of Fuji Velvia 100 last spring to shoot with my Nikon F3 but never got around to it - I figured the fall color on the farm would be a good time to test this film that is supposed to be great for its color saturation. The title of the post refers to the 100 ISO version of the film I choose to shoot - the original Velvia was ISO 50 - I was a little afraid to try such a slow film. Velvia is considered by many to be the best color film available - I still like Kodak Ektar 100 but Velvia is the best slide film I've shot so far. Fall Color on Film
Pumpkin Display This is the huge pumpkin display a few of us made at Szalay's a few weeks ago - tons of work - great colors from this film. Szalay's Farm from The 2 Acre Field The barns from the 2 Acre Field - have I mentioned in this post how much I love the center-weighted light meter of the Nikon F3. Almost anytime I try to override it and under-expose or over-expose from what it reads I'm usually the one in the wrong. Birdhouse Gourds Birdhouse Gourds - I made this display one Saturday morning - another good test of the films color. Coy Dog This wild dog followed us around at the farm for a few days. We believe it must be half-coyote. Fall Picking in the 2 Acre Fall sweet corn picking.

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