Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Finds at the Bender Farm

Manure Spreader I
A few days ago I left work early and decided to poke around the abandoned Bender Farm on my way home. I've hiked around and photographed the farm multiple times(old post) but I always seem to find something new. This time I found an old manure spreader in a little valley near where the cow pasture used to be. I also explored the remnants of the greenhouse and found the tombstone of Jim Brown's son. Manure Spreader II 
 Every old farm used to have one of these. Johnny Szalay told me they sold theirs(which was rotting into to the ground) to a nearby lady who uses it as a planter to this day.
The Brown-Bender House Much better photo of the Brown-Bender House than any of my previous attempts... Bender Barn Barn from the woods. Greenhouse Remnants of the greenhouse - the glass panels are laying in piles on one side of it. I was going to explore more but I had to creep away when a park ranger pulled up....

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