Friday, May 24, 2013

Neopan on the Bridle Trails

The Light is Right
I'm proud of the above photo - everything came together perfect: the light, the lens, the camera, the time, the place. This shot is gonna be near the top of the list when I start making black and white enlargements.
I shot this roll of Fuji Neopan 400 over a few days of hiking on the Wetmore and Langes Bridle Trails - as I said before - my new favorite Valley spot. There is still a lot of parts of the trails I haven't explored yet - so expect more photos like these. I actually switched it up with the lenses a bit on these trips - I started trying out my 50mm Rokkor macro lens and used a cheap wide angle I have - the wide angle isn't very sharp but I still like it for certain situations.  ....but I still shot more than half the roll with my trusty 55mm f1.7 Rokkor.  
Corner Post
Fence and House
  Well, Lost?
I saw a little clearing where it looked like a house must have been - sure enough I found this. Fence and Road Study
Another example of the kind of photo that never gets old to me. Apple Blossoms
I shot this photo of crab apple blossoms with the macro lens. Spring Rebirth
Another macro lens shot - I look forward to experimenting more with this. Abandoned Valley Structure #47
"Thing That Make You Go Hmmm" - No idea what this random building hidden in the woods was. Canon 7D
I accidentally shot this photo while filming this. Weird fungus growing in a tree. Hidden Pond Study #7
There are a few of these little man-made ponds along the Langes Bridle Trail. Erosion
Erosion Study #2

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