Sunday, May 19, 2013

Breakfast Picnic

Breakfast Picnic
This morning my friend's Greg and Terra had a few of us over for breakfast. They, as well as our friends Brad and Leslie, are vegan - so we ate a delicious, healthful, vegan breakfast. Sitting outside eating a drinking coffee with good friends was a perfect start to a day. I took some shots that were just average because of the spotty, bright sunshine - I realized the problem and was able to fix it with some fill-flash. Never forget about your flash just because the sun is out!
Dad Brad
Brad being a Dad
The Kids
Bringing It
Greg Bringing the Waffles The Shagbark
Archie Eats
Terra Dishes, Kyle Pours Coffee and Sun
Kyle and Coffee
Kyle Pets
Brad and AT-AT
Brad and Imperial Walker Sofia Portrait

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