Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From Rome to Home

Pyramid & Arch
Last week I developed a roll of Fuji Neopan 400 that I thought I shot entirely in the Cuyahoga Valley - but to my delight the beginning of the roll was from my last two days in Rome. It was kind of a throwback to my younger days when I would start a roll of film at and event - only to not finish it until I went on vacation(or something similar) - when it would finally get it back from the lab I would be surprised by the early part of the roll that I had forgotten about. I don't think this experience has ever happened to me digitally. Anyways - this Neopan has travelled thousands of miles for you to visually feast on - gorge yourself. Barn Contrast Study 4
Iron and Rust
I found this old farm implement hidden in the woods. What the River Giveth...
There was a house on this slab - the river has long since swept it away. Picnic Dreams
Stop here for a scenic picnic Wetmore Barn
One of the abandoned stables at The Wetmore Trailhead Iron Wheel
Close-up Rust
At the Porta Portese Flea Market in Rome Gramophone
That won't fit on the airplane. Wine
Flea Market Refreshments Standing in the Shadows
Standing in the Shadows of History. Aqueduct Park - one of the best places I have ever been(if not THE best).
  Hiking Boots, Hiking Stick
Hiking Boots, Hiking Stick - took 'em off to cross Furnace Run - it was chilly water! Trail and Shadows
Do photos like this ever get old? Not to me!

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