Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Showers Bring Blue Bell Flowers

The Blue Bells
The Cuyahoga Valley is home to many beautiful sights - but my favorite is the springtime blooming of the bluebell flowers. In certain places they blanket the forest floor in blue. This year I went out and shot them on a perfect misty morning after a rain. There are a few great places along Furnace Run to see them, but these were taken in my favorite - which I won't disclose. A true moment of Zen.
Blue Bells
'Isolated Bluebells'
'Pink' Bells
'Pink' Bells
Spring Wild Flowers
'Other Wild Flowers' - the bluebells are the main attraction - but there are plenty of sideshows... Living in the Spider Web
"Morning Web'
Field of Blue
'Field of Blue'
'Life, Light, and Peace'
Looking Up
'Young Bells from Bellow'

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