Friday, May 31, 2013

Morning Daisies

Daisy and Dew 4
Yes - I've walked and photographed the train tracks between West Market Street and Hawkens Avenue tons of times - its my little strip of nature here in Wallhaven. I like it in the Spring and Summer because it is also a good indicator of what is happening in the Valley - the same kind of wild flowers and plants seem to grow in both places.
Lazy Daisy
I take some daisy photos over here almost every year - and why not? Its a two minute walk from my house. Another Deer
It was definitely the first time I saw a deer here though! Blackberries are Coming Soon
Its been years since I've actually picked blackberries here - I hope to change that soon... Caught Up
'Caught Up'
Weed Study #3
"Weed Study #3" - I used quite a bit of "clarity" and contrast on this shot.

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