Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Cook-Out

Tanner and Marshmallow
My brother had family and friends over his house on Sunday for a cook-out to celebrate the holiday. I shot all afternoon with my Canon 7D. I like to treat family gatherings as event photography - I just like to capture the moment and get good candid shots. As with most photographers, I'm not a fan of the "hey, everyone look over here" shot - there is nothing real or interesting about those...
My Dad in Action - I shot this at ISO 1250 so I could get a real fast shutter speed to freeze the action. I also find that high-ISO's in bright light don't yield that much noise. Its more of a problem when you have lots of shadows in an image.
"Put it There"
Pourin' One Out...
My Nephew, Andrew, pouring one out for his niggaz who couldn't be here. Red Hots/White Hots
My brother's meats grilling - he brought them from Rochester, NY. Ryen and Dad
Ryen - enjoying a S'mores Andy and Andrew
Andrew - enjoying a S'mores Making S'mores
Ryen - making another one Roasting Marshmallows
Marshmallow Roasting
This year it was chilly enough for a fire(last year we were burning up without it). Laura and Craig
Laura and Craig
Tiki Torch
Tiki Bokeh
Andy and Todd
My Brother-in-Law, Andy, playing cornhole

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