Monday, December 29, 2014

Ridge Line Ruins

Wagon "The hilly Schumacher Trail provides a closer look at some of Summit County's most pristine scenery." - Summit Metro Parks

Ok - lots of woods yes...but turning of the Valley link trail and towards the Schumacher trail I decided to climb a hill and walk the ridgeline and found something different. Looking into the valley below I noticed a shattered windowpane - I turned around and saw some bricks and bottles. Further inspection led me to an old foundation - then an old road, then more foundations, bottles, car parts, refrigerators and old toys. I've explored old foundations near the river before(here and here) but this was the first time I've noticed how many more structures there once were. My guess is that there were two roads running from Cuyahoga Street to Merriman at some point. Much of this land was donated to the parks by Sherman and Mary Schumacher in 1968 and more acquired later(from Valley View Golf Club?)

Foundation #4 Anyways - with the National Park having eminent domained so much of its land I'm not surprised when I find old roads, farms and houses there - with little history or info to go on. Being right in Akron, though, I'm surprised I can't figure out what this area's history was - and what led to its demise. There are a few 1800s looking foundations near the river but these ones up on the ridge must be post 20s judging my the concrete block. Tires "Nitto Tire" - Made by the Japanese company Toyo which started exporting to the US in 1963. Foundation III "Block and Brick" Bottles "Bottles" Got Your Goose "Goose" Clorox "Clorox" - nice background blur on this shot. Empire 1420 Toy Tractor? Couldn't find anything about "Empire". Fridge One of the four old refrigerators I found on my hike. ?
Downtown from a Distance When I hiked up the ridge at first I realized I was catching a glimpse of downtown. As I walked on further I was able to get this shot that wasn't so obstructed by the trees. The photo doesn't do it justice - it was a really cool view. What the Duck?
I was parked at Big Bend near what is supposed to be the ice skating rink, but instead it felt like a Summer day at the pond.

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