Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Its A Sweater!

Sweaters If you don't know where the reference in the title comes from you should probably drop what you're doing and go watch "Three Amigos" - and perhaps examine what other poor decisions led you to this point in your life in general.
Anywho, I've been sick all week so I decided I should stay inside today and work on a few things. I worked on fixing some coding things with the website and blog, like getting the links to Instagram and Pinterest to be live. I started an Instagram account a few weeks ago - but I don't use it in the truest form as I don't have an iphone or android - I downloaded a android emulator called BlueStacks. I mostly got it so I can follow friends and people on Instagram but I do post some stuff there too - you can follow me here. Hopefully soon Sprint will get a phone that I want and I can use apps for real.
My Pinterest page is here if you are interested in that kind of thing.
After working on all that boring stuff I had to get away from the computer for a while - so I set up some lights and shot a few photo ideas I had - the above sweater image being one. I like the texture and lighting I achieved - but should have gotten the shirts more even and straight. A friend just suggested using some lengths of pvc inside them - a great idea.

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