Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story House
I was finally starting to feel better after being sick all week so Laura decided to take me on a surprise date that she had planned. We started off in Tremont at "A Christmas Story House & Museum". Neither of us had ever been there before - and I think it is a duty of any Northeast Ohioan to make the pilgrimage. Its well known that the movie was initially a flop and caught steam and became a cult classic later - but I can't remember it ever not being a part of my Christmas's. Maybe it is the local connections - my Dad always telling us he was in Higbees when the Santa Set was up - or having friends who's parents were in the Revere High School marching band when they were in the parade scene in Public Square etc.
The neighborhood(only a few blocks off 14th in Tremont) was a little hectic on a Saturday a few week before Christmas. Neighbors sell parking spaces but we decided to find a space on the street and walk a little. If you go its worth noting that you need to buy a ticket from the gift shop across the street before you get in line - we found out by asking the couple in front of us. I think we probably waited about 30-45 minutes to get in - but I that is to be expected - and even though they are open year around this is the time of year we wanted to be there.

Entrepreneurs "Entrepreneurs"
The neighbors rent their yard to these guys between Thanksgiving a New Year's. The neighbors on the other side of the house were the ones renting parking spaces. Gift Shop "Ticket Window"
The gift shop had everything "A Christmas Story" related that you could imagine. Models, clothing, all different sized leg lamps - we bought a leg lamp tree ornament. Laura "Laura and The House"
She might hate me for this shot - but I love it. Dink More Ovaltine "Drink More Ovaltine"
The house was mainly used for exterior shots in the movie - but the current owner has renovated it to make each room a replica of the rooms that were built on a soundstage for the movie. We learned from the tour guide inside that the current owner bought it sight unseen for 50 grand more than the asking price - only to arrive and find out it was completely trashed on the inside. He ended up putting a quarter million more dollars into it. Underwood Typewriter "Underwood Typewriter" Snacks "Custard Style" A Christmas Story Museum "The Museum" - which is across the street houses many original artifacts from the movie - and is as interesting(if not more) for a fan of the movie. Ralphie's Coat "Ralphie's Coat" Yoy Plane They also had the vintage toys from the Higbees' window in the Downtown scenes. Fire Truck "Vintage Fire Truck" Laura After visiting the House Laura took me to dinner at Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar in Eton Center. Mojito Having never been there we asked what they recommended to drink - the waiter said they were known for their mojitos so we each ordered our first mojito ever. They had an extensive rum list and we each also tried some aged rum too. I forget how much I like rum - on the rare occasion I do order liquor its usually bourbon. This was a nice change of pace. Pork We both ordered pork dishes - mine was salty Laura's was sweet. They were both delicious. It was a great Saturday afternoon/early evening date day.

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