Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Photos

Every year a I try my best to select two photos from each month to make my "Year in Photos". I just finished up - and you can view the 2014 Year in Photos right HERE. Since I've always only posted digital photos in the 'Review' I started a tradition of sharing a few of my favorite analogue photos on the post that announces the Year in Review - that would be this post!
So enjoy a filmy trip down memory lane with me, won't ya?

Laura @ Silver Creek
Laura fake fishing.
Pentax K1000 with Kodak Gold Harvester Under the Bridge
Under the Bridge with some International Harvester trailers.
Minolta X-700 with T-Max 400
West "West" of the Westside Market in Cleveland. Minolta X-700 with T-Max 400. Brad and Reflector
Minolta X-700 with T-Max 400
Mustard Seed
Building the new Mustard Seed Market in Highland Square. Pentax K1000 with expired Kodak Gold
Photo-Session Easter iphonography - my family photographing the kids. Minolta X-700 with Kodak Tri-X
Open Roads
The country roads in Hocking Hills
Minolta X-700 with Tri-X 400
Turtle on a Fence II
Who can forget this adorable turtle on a fence?!
Minolta X-700 with Kentmere 400
Hocking Hills
Laura on a bridge at Hocking Hills
Fuji GSW690III with Kodak Portra 400
Gates II
Canal Lock demonstration.
Miranda AutoMex III with Rollei Redbird 400 film
Arrows on the rooftop of a downtown parking deck.
Pentax K1000 with Fomapan 100 @ 400 developed in HC-110(b)
Camping coffee is the best coffee.
Minolta X-700 with Fomapan 400
Cuyahoga Valley
Bridge over the Valley.
Fuji GSW690III with Kodak Ektar 100
Rax Deconstruction 5
The demolition of Rax in the Merriman Valley.
Pentax K1000 with Kodak Ektar Propeller
A giant propeller at the Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo.
Minolta X-700 with Fomapan 100

Thanks for tagging along - have a Happy New Year!

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