Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Instant Christmas, Instant Classics

Laura and I have developed a Christmas tree decorating tradition over the last few years - it involves drinking Corsendonk Christmas Ale, listening to the album 'Once Upon a Christmas' by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and a wood fire in the fireplace. When we were at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY about a year ago we picked up a Hanging Polaroid Mobile in the gift shop - so we thought it would be fun to shoot a Pack of 990 film in my Spectra 2 and hang the Polaroids as a decoration.  These are the scans of the Polaroids - "Instant Christmas, Instant Classics".

Corsendonk Christmas Ale
"The Corsendonk"
Singing and Decorating
Laura unfurling the pre-lit tree and singing along with Dolly.
Browns Ornament
"Browns Ornament"
Laura and Me
"Instant Selfie"
The Star
"The Star"
Hanging my John Deere ornament.
Me and Tree
"Me and Tree"
Laura and Molly
Laura and Molly
Half Cheers
"Half Cheers" - thats the way it goes with long expired film sometimes...

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