Sunday, December 21, 2014


Firestone Elementary A little while back the Knight Foundation sponsored an Akron2Detroit trip to tour some neighborhoods to see what was working and what the challenges were. When the group returned they started doing the same thing but here at home. They ended up deciding to open it up to the public and held the first Akron2Akron neighborhood tour in Firestone Park on Saturday. Rick Stockburger led the way starting from the Firestone Park Community Center which is right across from the elementary school. We took a walk through the residential neighborhood, to the Bridgestone Technical Center, The Library, The Aster Business District and grabbed some drinks after at Park Place Pub.

Kyle "Kyle"
I enjoyed picking up some of the historical tidbits - Firestone Park is shaped like the Firestone Shield, Harvey Firestone drove the first streetcar when the line was extended to the area, Crescent Ave. has the original show homes etc. Hanging with Harvey
I snapped this while everyone was organizing for a group shot in front of the Harvey Firestone Statue. Rick and Harvey Rick - relaying the story that when the statue was supposed to be dedicated for the 50th anniversary of Firestone Tire it wasn't ready - a paper mache statue had to be used(no one knew at the time). Laura Laura being a goofball by the statue. Harvey at Bridgestone Harvey Firestone and the newish Bridgestone Technical Center. Aster Ave. Aster Ave business district - talking about some of the vacancies. Thrift Selfie "Thrift Store Selfie"
Some of us stopped in the two thrift stores in the district - and this is part of the reason the tour was so cool - I would have had no idea these places were here. Laura and I purchased a few unique items. Park Place Pub
"Long Exposure"
We ended the tour at the Park Place Pub. It was great meeting other people who were willing to spend a couple of hours on their Saturday on a cold day in December doing this. I hope this gets the ball rolling and more events like this take place.

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